Green, Grey, Red



Abstract painting with green, grey and red by M.K. Hajdin

Green, Grey, Red by M.K. Hajdin

Update:  I smuggled this painting to America in one of my suitcases and now it is hanging on my friend Milo’s wall.

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3 thoughts on “Green, Grey, Red

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  2. J. Brall

    Dear M.K.,

    It’s me again, fellow abstract painter, Jillian. Our work is sometimes very similar. I guess that’s why I love your work so much 😉 I LOVE this painting! I wish I could afford to buy it. PLEASE do not throw it in the scrap heap!!! It’s one of my favorites of yours! If you’re really going to trash it, I’ll pay for shipping to send it to me so I can save it. But I unfortunately can’t afford to buy it, even though, trust me, I know it’s worth even so much more than you have it listed for.

    All my best,

    1. mkhajdin Post author

      Hi Jillian,
      Thanks for your nice words. The problem is that I’m leaving this place fairly soon and I won’t be able to take the painting with me.

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