Painting: The Executioner

This is one of the paintings that will be destroyed, because I can’t take it with me and I can’t imagine anybody else wanting it.

It’s a portrait of a real person.  This guy was online friends with me for about seven years.  Then we met in real life, and he was visibly disgusted by me.  That’s the expression I’ve captured on his face.   We are no longer friends.

He is lonely, and longing for a girlfriend, but he only wants a stereotypical hot chick, and can’t figure out why they don’t want him.  He also has patches of hair falling out of his head, but I covered that up with a hood so as not to be too mean.

He’s shown having cut his own throat, as a symbolic representation of his self-defeating, unrealistic expectations.

I painted it to get him out of my system.  It pretty much worked.

The Executioner by M.K. Hajdin

The Executioner by M.K. Hajdin

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