Six years of my life in pictures

My house is being torn down in a few months’ time. I’ve been going through photos. Here are some of the highlights:

Balcony view 2012

View from my balcony, 2012

My easel set up on the balcony.

My easel set up on the balcony.

Easel set up on the balcony

My easel, set up on the balcony.

If you are wondering why there aren’t more people in my pictures, I don’t take pictures of myself often, and in the Balkans it’s actually illegal to take another person’s picture without their permission and I’ve always felt weird asking. I have pictures of a couple of friends, but they don’t want them posted on the internet. Don’t know why, could be Balkan paranoia.

My room and bed, with green landscape outside the window

My bed

My kitchen

This is my little kitchen.  Always a bit untidy.

This is also where I clean my paintbrushes. There are always a ton of them lying by the sink.

Becoming Chaotic Blue

This work became Chaotic Blue.

Painting in progress: Red. Purple, Green

This is the very early stages of what became Red, Purple, Green

Two liquids no artist can do without: gesso and wine.

Bagels and kajmak

Kajmak and bagels, a delicious combination

A friend from the UK sent me some bagels, because we can’t get them here. They were delicious with butter and kajmak.

Computer desk

An old photo of my computer desk before I got an office chair!

Don’t worry, I have a better chair now (though two of its six legs are broken off).

Ironing board with Audrey Hepburn on the cover

Ironing board starring Audrey Hepburn

I saw this in a grocery store and had to buy it. It’s an ironing board cover from Italy, with Audrey Hepburn on it. The caption is in Italian, and it says, “Some people wish for a big swimming pool. For me it’s closets.” Or something like that.

Cats perching on edge of bathtub

My cats perching on the edge of the bathtub

My two black cats, both rescues. The little one is a Serb and the big one is Slovene.

Fried trout

Fish dinner from restaurant near my house

The only business within 3 km of my house is a fish restaurant by a fishing pond. Summer evenings I like to go there.

Balcony view in winter

Balcony view in winter

Even in winter the balcony view is amazing.

Marmelade the farm cat

Playing with Marmelade, one of the farm cats

Landlady standing beside our house

My landlady standing beside our house.

She’s a tough old broad! Don’t mess with her!

Our house

Our house, seen through the field

House across the field

Our house, across the field



When I first got here I could not believe how beautiful it all was. I took pictures of everything.


One of my landlady’s roses.

It’ll haunt me in my dreams after I go.

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